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I’ve had great experiences at Enlighten Dental since my first visit about 3 years ago. But my experience today escalated them to the absolute best office visit I’ve ever had, for any appointment. Dr. Driscoll & his incredible staff were so very kind to me and my 16 week old son during my appointment, and went above and beyond to make my appointment enjoyable while helping to keep my son happy. I have never experienced such kindness at a doctor’s office, and the service is second to none!

– Faith Jenkins

Since you have to go to the dentist…it might as well be a good one. Dan Driscoll and Michelle Bascon are tops at what they do. You can trust them with your teeth, and they seem genuinely interested in what’s going on in your life. You can brush four times a day but your teeth will never feel as good as they do when you’ve had them cleaned by a professional.

– Karen Robertson

This was my first visit with them and it was the best visit ever. I was in terrible pain and they got me and comforted me and before I knew it my issue was no longer an issue. The friendliness and the honesty of the staff was amazing. I could have stayed and talked to them a lot longer than I did. I felt right at home. Thanks to the staff. Have a Blessed week after week.

– Napoleon Holmes

Enlighten Dental Care offers a professional experience from beginning to end of a visit. The lobby is inviting, front office courteous and professional, the quality of dental care is outstanding, and the billing staff does a great job managing the insurance benefits!

– George Phillips

4 Years ago Dr Driscoll took over my very difficult dental problems. He made possible what I never thought could happen. I now have a beautiful smile and it changed my life. The staff at Enlighten are wonderful and treat you with a kindness you will not find anywhere else. If you need a great dental practice Enlighten Dental Care will take care of you.

– Penny Tilley

I’m always satisfied with my visits. The wait is never long. Everyone is so kind. And I appreciate that procedures are never pushed on me. Thank you!

– Lisa C

Paris were so good as well as the whole staff. I had not been to the dentist in a very long time and was very nervous, but everyone made me feel so comfortable. I had such a great experience and I would highly recommend Enlighten Dental Care to everyone!

– Jaylin S

I have been a patient for years and always have a great experience. They always do a thorough job and everyone is so nice. I highly recommend choosing this practice if you are searching for a new dentist.

– Nicole W

Always excellent and professional treatment. I have been a patient of Dr. Driscoll’s for many years. My entire family uses his practice and I have recommended many friends over the years. Sincerely Art Gennari

– Art G

I am from out of town and had a dental emergency that brought me to Enlighten Dental Care. I had such a great experience and was very well cared for. This is the best dental office I have ever been to and am even considering flying from home to come back!

– Jesse B

The entire staff is warm, welcoming and has much expertise in their craft!  Every experience has been a great one!

– Angela L

What a great office. Everyone is friendly and caring. I recommend this fabulous team.

– Lee C

I was very happy with the explanation of treatment options. I tried a few other dentists in Winston, and finally found a great one!

– Riley M

This the first time that I have left a dentist office feeling safe and in great hands. I am absolutely fearful of going to the dentist due to previous visits that were not so great. I did not feel like a person that filled a scheduled time slot- I felt like a patient.

– Kendra T

I came in for a cleaning with Litsa, and she was so throrough. I felt like a new person when I left there. Dr. Driscoll and the whole staff are so helpful, and they always make me feel like family!

– Kim A

Everyone is very helpful and kind.  The environment is clean and cozy.  I wish that they were in-network for my dental insurance.  The price is the only reason that they get 4 stars instead of 5 from me.

– Tiffany M

I am a difficult dental patient. A baby really. Dr Driscoll and his staff have been very patient with me. They have communicated clearly and have worked with me to manage my concerns and go at my pace. Dawn is a terrific hygienist. Very gentle. The office staff is always friendly and professional. Dr. Driscoll and his team are the first dental practice that I have ever trusted to return to again and again.

– Greg K

I just can’t stop smiling ever since coming to your office. My front teeth look great! I never knew how good they could look. Thank you so much.

Tom is also pleased with the work you did for him. We both were impressed with the friendliness and helpfulness of your staff.

It’s hard to believe that there is an office that cares like yours does.

– Ann B.

We appreciate the care and attention you have given to Ben. Your office has been most responsive.

As parents of a college student, it is reassuring to feel he is in good hands.

Thanks again,

– Susan and Tom

I can’t express how lucky I am to have found Dr. Driscoll and his staff at Enlighten Dental. I waited for a long time for my previous dentist to have the time to discuss changes I wanted to make to my teeth – for years I tried to figure out what I could have done to make my teeth look better. I was embarrassed over them after I realized that many people had white, normal teeth. I say normal because I had tetracycline as a child and my teeth were very small, stained and some were not smooth. I began to cover my mouth when I laughed about the time I was in college. I was able to use whitening gel in a tray but it did not whiten the part near the gum For some reason they remained very orangish/yellow. To me they looked awful. I saw pictures of them and they did look horrible. I had to make sure I only partially opened my mouth when talking.

After people started making their teeth even whiter I realized mine seemed very small and they did not show much when I talked. (Thank goodness) . I am now 49 and about 4 years ago went to an orthodontist. My teeth were very crooked (the bottom teeth were covered up by the top teeth.) I wondered how long they had been this way. I was already getting some damage to my bottom teeth where they were hitting. Wearing braces for 3 and ½ years as an adult was difficult. I had a great orthodontist and luckily at the same time I went to get my braces – a friend of mine recommended that I change dentists. He recommended Dr. Driscoll. Sometimes we get in a routine and it is hard to make changes. I knew that was what I must do in order to achieve my goal. From the very first visit, Dr. Driscoll was all “ears” and very interested in what I wanted to accomplish. He showed me books and pictures. He was never pushy or trying to talk me into anything. It was all about me and what I was comfortable with. He even called me to discuss some treatments and to make sure we were both on the same page. He did all of this for about 3 years knowing that my braces were still on and it would be a while before any work could be done. How many doctors or dentist do you know that would actually take the time to do this? There is probably only about one! He also consulted with my orthodontist many times to make sure he knew exactly what was going on with my braces. I had my teeth cleaned every 3 months with my braces on and I felt very comfortable in the chair. I started to like my visits to the dentist. How many times have you heard that ? I felt at home from day 1! Dr. Driscoll is a very caring dentist. We discussed often what I wanted to have done to my teeth when my braces came off instead of just jumping in and getting started without thinking about a plan. We sat down again and went over every step of each procedure I had done, how long it would take and how much it would cost. (No surprises- I liked that!) This was a very important step in my dental care plan. If I felt this was important enough to spend money on (the insurance does not cover some of the procedures I had done) then I wanted to know the details. They also helped me in deciding what could I do in order to get the results I wanted. Some people may be happy with their natural color teeth but I wanted whiter . It does make you feel better about yourself. I grew up in a time period where your teeth just really did not matter as much as they do now. I became very uncomfortable showing my teeth – I can now smile and be comfortable –even at the beach in the bright sun. No silver fillings here!

I got my braces off in May of 2010. By July I had beautiful white teeth and felt so much better about myself. I had several crowns replaced that were very old and yellow. I had all of my silver fillings removed. I did not realize how awful they looked. Dr. Driscoll made my bottom teeth all the same across by drilling some of the higher teeth down some. This made a big difference in my bottom teeth. After my braces came of I still had the same ugly, yellow teeth and they were not the same sizes. I was very disappointed . Dr. Driscoll put 6 veneers on the top. This did require some thought- shading, size, do it? don’t do it? How long will they last? The staff helped me decide on a shade that was close to the white teeth you see on tv but not fake white… They do match my natural bottom teeth after using whitening gel. Dr. Driscoll did fill in some of the holes in my teeth (they did not look smooth- maybe due to the tetracycline) to make them look smoother. He could have told me to do all of my teeth with veneers but he felt that my bottom teeth would look great with my new veneers on the top and did not feel that I need to go to that expense. As I get older- I am sure I will have to do some work on the bottom teeth. Dr. Driscoll can never retire! Some people are fine with their teeth- I was not happy with mine.

I felt that it was important for people reading this to know some of my history with my teeth so I included things I felt important. If you are having any doubts talk with Dr. Driscoll. He can definitely help you to make the decision that is right for you. His visit with you will be about you…Even with all of the work I had done- I will have to be honest and say that a few shots were not too much fun but Dr. Driscoll and his staff did make me very comfortable and kept asking if I was doing ok…. My procedures were painless compared to what I saw in the mirror each day before making the changes I made with my teeth. I would highly recommend Dr. Driscoll and his entire staff. He took his time with me, talked with me and listened to what I wanted. In return, I now have teeth to be proud of.

– Michelle

When my supervisor told me what dental practice she was going to, I happily and immediately exclaimed that is who I see. I told her how happy and pleased I’ve always been. I said you get what you pay for. I said it is worth the extra money to pay since Enlighten Dental Care is out of network. Your dental practice is worth it! I also like walking out with the dental ‘treat’ bag, too. Your staff is awesome!

– Jill O