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Scientific Advances

Leveraging ongoing scientific advances in dentistry, Enlighten Dental uses many useful diagnostic and treatment modalities, such as LED transillumination, surgical microscopes, Dexis digital radiographs, and a cavity detecting diagnodent laser. All of these modalities help intervene in the oral disease process earlier to minimize expense and maximize health. Besides technology, there are also materials such as silver diamine fluoride to kill bacteria and stop the decay process. A second material used is infiltrated resin into small cavities to stop the decay without the need for a shot and the drill. A third set of materials used are now considered to be bioactive, or capable of stimulating the body’s reparative functions to heal the teeth. All of these used in conjunction with fluoride varnish are non-invasive, proven and less expensive than restorative fillings and crowns.

Through honest and open communication with the patient, guilt-free, nutritional counseling into the oral disease processes is given. Salivary diagnostic testing is also available to help highlight the mouth – body, (i.e. oral-system) connections for patients.