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First Visit

Our dental team is driven by quality and grounded in a broad range of dental services. In your initial contact with us, we will ask for information about your past dental history. We use this information to help you select an appropriate level of examination for your first appointment. After we discuss your needs with you, we may find that you really want or need a complete review of your entire oral health. Or, you may just want to resolve a specific problem. Whichever it is, we will provide educational support to help you make a decision that is a good one for you.

Can I Start With a Dental Cleaning?

The answer to this commonly asked question is that there are several different types of “cleaning” that we offer. Based on information that you initially give us, we will try to determine if our hygienist should see you first, or the doctor. We will do our best to match your appointment to what we think are your dental needs. For example, if you have periodontal disease, it is important that the proper diagnosis be made before any therapeutic measures are undertaken. In this instance, it would be important for us to know of any periodontal problems you had previously. For this type of appointment, we request your past records and include additional appointment time. Giving us accurate information about your past dental history is the key to getting the type of appointment that is most appropriate to your needs.