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Amalgam and Resin Fillings

For years there has been debate in the dental profession regarding the pros and cons of using amalgam (silver colored) fillings – which contain mercury – to restore cavities. Patients often ask about composite resin (tooth colored) fillings when they are not sure about the use of amalgam. It is important to know that mercury has not been proven scientifically to be harmful when placed in teeth.

We recommend the material to be used based on the pattern of decay in the tooth. The most important result when placing a filling is ending up with a tight seal to prevent leaving space for further decay. Amalgam is more pliable than composite and can be easily pressed into small spaces. Therefore, certain teeth can be better treated with amalgam.

When possible, we prefer to place resin fillings for our patients. Resin can be matched to your natural tooth color making it possible to have fillings that are undetectable.